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Local_Arts - Del Norte Wonders

Endert Pool Mural
After 2 weeks of sketching, painting, and detailing by a couple dozen voluteers,
the Endert Pool Mural is finished. And what a magnificent work of art it is! It will be thrilling viewers for generations to come. Special thanks to Garretta Lamore for her fabulous original concept and painting, as well as her artistic oversight, to Chuck Keeley for his managment of the project, to Doug for his expert paint wrangling, to Louise Johnson for the amazing Octopus, and
to Kathleen Kresa for the big job of bringing the whales to life.

To see my photos of the original small-scale painting, the work in progress, the finished mural images, the group photos of the painters, and the book based on the creatures depicted in the mural, visit the MURALS/Endert Pool album of my
Del Norte photo gallery at http://ccdnc.com
Along with monitor-size photos, print-size photos are also included.
Also of interest is the children's book I created using Garetta's story text, titled:
Fred & Friends (with Fred being the giant octopus).

Original 11-foot wide painting by Garretta Lamore & helpers.
Endert Pool Mural




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A wide spectrum of artists has been seduced by the beauty and temperate climate of the stretch
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Wild Rivers Coast. Drive a hundred miles of breathtaking Pacific Coastline and see eight spectacular rivers spilling out of pristine forest into the sea. Wildflowers aren't just a springtime phenomenon here
and birds and wild animals abound--as do artists of a multitude of persuasions. You'll see their work
in the local galleries, and tastefully displayed in the mini-galleries of numerous restaurants, motels,
book stores, gift shops, and other businesses, plus city halls, and libraries.

In every season the beauty of the area, the ever changing mood of the Pacific, the multi-colored
sunsets, waves breaking against massive rugged rocks, wide sandy beaches, wild rivers, colorful
wildflowers... compel visitors to get out of their cars, grab their cameras and sketchpads and record
these scenes of inspiration. Some of those visitors have returned permanently, and along with the
coast's native artists, more than a few are creating art on the Wild Rivers Coast of Northern
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