Del Norte Wonders

Del Norte Giant Redwoods a most wonderful place.
~The land of mossy forests, pristine emerald rivers,
majestic rocky coastal vistas, wide sandy beaches, historic lighthouses,
and the Giant Redwoods,
about which Michael Fay -renowned National Geographic
author and explorer (who spent a year trekking the 1,200 length of the
California coastal Redwood region) said:
"Jed Smith (State Park) is
the most awesome, incredible, gigantic forest on the entire planet!"

This is a small glimpse into
the many remarkable scenes & sights found in
California's northern-most coastal county, known as ~ Del Norte ~
That's the abbreviated Spanish nick-name for
"The Land of the North" (la tierra del norte)
Crescent City Coast

Besides the world famous Roger Patterson film of a female Bigfoot shot here,
the area is also notable
for being the location for several big Hollywood movies filmed here, including the Ewok forest of
Moon Endor in Star Wars -The Empire Strikes Back.

Del Norte Wonders  - Del Norte Wonders
Del Norte Wonders  - Del Norte Wonders

Besides the Redwood forests, fern canyons, coastal dunes & wild rivers;
besides the bear and the elk, the owls and raccoons , the hawks, herons, and
sunbathing sea lions; there's the fishing and Jet Boating, the surfing and hiking,
amping, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching,
the bi-annual visitation of the Canadian-Aleutian Geese and migrating-whales.

Rich in history, from the pioneering days of the California Gold Rush,
the wreck of the gold-laden Pacific steamboat known as the Brother Jonathan,
the building of a lighthouse 6 miles out on St. George's Reef, -and one
on the coast at Battery Point (built in 1856), through the logging &
saw-mill era, into the present era of dairy, farming, crab & salmon fishing.
Del Norte County has seen a lot of changes through the years,
including the wide devastation
wrought on Crescent City by the tsunami
of 1964, but
adversity has engendered ingenuity and a community "can-do" spirit.

Tsunami Mural
Its past and present are beautifully depicted by over a dozen large murals decorating city buildings.

Hwy 101 Lighthouse mural
The weather is fair, the population is small but inter-connected through many associations
and alliances that foster social, artistic, commercial, and governance activities and programs.
Coastal Mist

There's the tourist destinations of many well-placed RV parks,

Trees of Mystery, Ocean World, two Indian tribe Casinos,
Redwood State Parks, and the Battery Point Lighthouse
Annual Del Norte events include the Sea Cruise Classic Car meet,
the 4th of July Fireworks Show near the Lighthouse
(one of the largest and best on the California coast),
The California Redwoods, Birds & Nature Festival,
the County Fair & Carnival, Farmer's Market
and numerous other cultural events year around,
plus the occasional visitation of the Lady Washington & Hawaiian Chieftain
reproduction Sailing Ships) .

Swinging from 2nd Bridge

There are two scenic rivers -the Smith River and the Klamath River
which are enjoyed not just for water fun but also for salmon and steel head fishing
(with fishing guide boats available year-around). Del Norte is also home to the world's
largest lily farms (thanks to the rich soil and moderate climate) as well as commercial
crab fishing
(often 10 million lbs. per season) and world-class cheese production.

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Del Norte Wonders  - Del Norte Wonders

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Crescent City Harbor

The Native American museum at Trees of Mystery on Highway 101 is just a few more mile south. It holds one of the largest privately held collections of Indian artifacts in the world. The museum is free and a must see when visiting the area. In the parking lot, you'll be amazed by the gigantic Paul Bunyan and Babe figures. Besides the strange arrangements of giant Redwoods, the Trees of Mystery also has an amazing Tramway that will take visitors up and above the giant trees as it climbs up to a mountain top.

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